Winter Storm

Posted by Elizabeth Burtner on

If you live in Indiana you know how wonky the weather is here. Today, we are having a "snow storm". I talked to the local police and was told that the roads were very slick. This being said, I decided to close the shop for the day. I would much rather people stay home and be safe.

I do try to keep regular hours because I feel that is only fair to all of our customers, consignors and vendors. Changing hours often doesn't help anyone in the long run. However, being in Indiana and knowing how the weather can be so crazy and unpredictable, I do choose to close when the road conditions are not in our favor. I want everyone to be safe!

I do try to post any changes to all of our social media accounts and when possible I will also post it to our website. Hopefully, I won't have to do this often! 

Thank you to everyone for understanding :) 

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